Monday, August 31, 2009

Melayu Boleh

Everyone knows that if you want to get traffic to your Melayu Boleh blog you will constantly need to promote and market it. One of the best way to do that is through SEO. However in order to compete against the other blogs you will need to work hard on this matter.

In order for your blog to be in the zone you will need 2 very important elements, which are reputable back links, either reciprocal or one way or have your blog content optimized to certain keyword phrases.

So the next question you might ask is how do you select your keyword. In order to chose the right one, you will need to examine how much visitors you can attract with that keyword versus the amount of work required to incorporate the SEO techniques. For example my keyword has been Melayu Boleh. Although there are not many blogs out there that uses this phrase, but the surprising part is that many people have search on this term.

One of the best way to do you initial investigation is to use Google keyword tool to determine the number of searches per month. However take note that these are not the exact figures. The figures shown are just estimates on the number of searches. There are other tools out there that provide much more accurate information, but like you have guess, it requires a monthly subscription fee. However if you are serious in SEO, you might consider paying for tools to help you out. It is all about cost versus benefit. If you think the tool will benefit you in the long run, then go ahead if not, just used any free tools.

The most important part about search engine optimization is to include your keyword in the post title and also in your post. However never ever stuff your keyword in your blog post. You want to write an article as natural as possible so that the search engine spiders knows that you are writing a proper article. The rule of the thumb is that you should only use your keyword 1-4% based on the number of words in your article or post, which works out to be about 1 keyword per every 100 words. If you use anything more than that, the spiders might consider your blog to be spam and you might not be rank so well within the serps. Therefore it is just important to write naturally.

If you think that’s all you will need to do, think again. You will need to do some homework which is what people normally called as off-page seo. Most people choose to ignore this section as some consider it as a waste of time. Well, it is actually the most important aspect of SEO. The key to off page seo is back links. Try to write articles and post to different article directory. Most article submission directory will allow you to include a backlink as part of the article. For example since my niche is Melayu Boleh, I will include it in the article that I have written. That way you will get the necessary back links and hopefully you will rank well in the search engine result.