Friday, September 25, 2009

Melayu Boleh is not easy

Let me tell you upfront now that managing a couple of Melayu Boleh is not an easy task. Well I mean it is easy creating a blog, but bringing that blog to top google SERP is another quest.

I have personally challenge myself to see whether I even able to rank this blog on the SERPS. Honestly it is tiring. I was able to rank top 10 for a term that has a search result of 200,000. However for this phrase which return a search result of at least one million could be a different ball game all together.

There are a lot of anak Melayu Boleh blogs on the internet that is trying to do their best to defunct any of those "bad blogs". I am sure you know what "bad" blogs I'm talking about. However, there is still one bad blog that is right on top of the SERP for this term.

Now here is my question, you know as well as I do, that this blog does not have contents. I mean common, there are only pictures and very very little information about anything Melayu in the first place, and yet they rank right on top of Google.

Is Google ignorant? Why does Google think that it is an important website? Do you want to know the answer? Well, it is all about backlinks. Yes once again backlinks is the king to all ranking. The more backlinks you have the greater you are. Therefore I have tried my very best to create backlinks of Melayu Boleh back to my blog so that, or I would say, hopefully my blog ranking can increase. Right now it does not even show up on google. Could this blog be de-index by Google?

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Melayu boleh update

A quick update on Melayu Boleh in the SERPS. So far thing has not been looking great at all. I am just wondering.

Could it be because I am lacking in backlinks? Well getting my blog to rank well for this phrase is been harder then I thought. I could be partly to be blame as I am not updating this blog as I would like too. I am too interested in making money online with adsense, which is not doing anything at at all.

So why is this melayu boleh blog doing so badly in the serps? Is it because there are not enough original contents? Lack of seo? It can't be. There are a lot of blog that try to rank of this term that has little or no backlinks at all and they are ranking well. Maybe it's about the contents. Why can't an anak melayu boleh do it?

However I am not giving up. I am going to try harder. I might considering setting articles so that I will be submitted to directories so that I can get extra backlinks to my blogs. But sometimes I wonder if it really work. Does is going to give me the unique backlinks that I really need?

So far with all the celebration and holiday, I need a break. Sometimes it will take a while to get the blog rank well. And sometimes it just does not. I mean i could stuff my blog with the term melayu boleh and it will still not rank well. I mean how does google know that is blog is about that? I mean no one from google will read it, but how do they know?

I think the key is backlinks. I am still not getting enough backlinks. Once i have the time i will get more backlinks with the pharse Melayu Boleh so that I can get my ranking better. Laters.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The future of Melayu Boleh

I have done what I need to do for Melayu Boleh, but still it's not making any difference. And that is slowly becoming a disappointment on my part.

I know, I know. You have to be patient you might say. Rome was not built in a day, so just chill. Yes I know that you are right. It takes time, but how longer. I guess if you know the reason of this blog is to try to rank well on the SERPs.

Initially i thought that it would be easy. I mean how hard is it to rank for a 1,700,000 search phrase? As for my buat duit online blog, i manage to rank top 10 easily. But I guess there are more blog for this phrase then I initially thought and the competition to rank well for Melayu Boleh is stiff.

Let's talk about something else for a moment. Today is Malaysia day, that's when Malaysia was official formed. It happened on 1963 if I'm not mistaken. I am not the best historian out there, but i guess it's an important date for the orang Melayu as well.

With this momentous success let how the spirit and audacity of Melayu Boleh will stay strong through us. Let us work hard to achieve what we were set out to be.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Melayu Boleh Buat Duit Blog

There is a huge misconception that once you rank your blog for example Melayu Boleh, you will get the necessary traffic and you can convert that traffic to money. However that is so far from the truth.

Well, let's just say i have a blog with the term buat duit online on the top 10 of google search. So you will be expecting that I am getting tons and tons of traffic each day right? NO. The most traffic I have gotten each day is 30 unique visitors which basically mean nuts.

Then I check, could it be only my blog that is having this issue? The rest of the other blog does have this problem as well. It looks like there are not many people interested in making money here. What happened to Melayu Boleh strength and determination?

It was a real let down to make the blog rank so high and yet so little people visited it. It was even pointless to Adsense or any sort of advertisement as it was not making money at all. It did, like maybe once it a blue moon, but it's basically pointless. I guess everyone now is a bit blind to advertisement as it is so easy to create and sign up for one.

Now let's us go back to the the Melayu Boleh
blogs that you can find online now a days. Some of it are actually doing really well. But guess what? Does blogs that are doing well are related to 3gp Melayu Boleh or awek Melayu Boleh rempit and nothing really related to this phrase. It looks like people are more interested in looking at pictures or even short movies. These movies are normally not something that you would want kids to see if you know what I mean.

That is the sad truth. I wondered how this keyword got turn into something that is far from what it suppose to mean. I guess one day, some smart person figured out how to capitalize on this word. Yes, that person is smart. He used the power of SERPS to rank well for his blog, and capitalize on the traffic.

There is nothing more valuable then capturing the initial organic search results from any search engine. It will be translated into cash. Furthermore these sites normally require the visitors to pay a certain fee for access to restricted contents. Can you imagine if they charge 30 bucks and there are at least 10 people subscribing to it? And let's just say that figure is per day basis. Can you imagine how much money the webmaster will be making?

Maybe now you can understand why everyone is fighting to rank well for Melayu Boleh as it a term seek by many misunderstood individuals. We will see if this is going to translate into quality traffic. That's it for now till later, take care.

Melayu Boleh Backlinks

I have been busy with work recently and other stuff that my Melayu Boleh blog has been abandoned for a while now. But not to worry let me keep you updated on what has happened so far thought the week.

One thing that I have learn about, it that sometimes the content of the blog does not promise you to do well on the SERPS. Yes you read it right. You might ask, if I don't write contents who will visit my blog? Well let's just put it this way. You might write the best contents in the world, but if there are no one to read your blog what is the point?

Furthermore, I think I made a mistake in the early beginning when I decided to start making money on the internet. I wrote post like a blogger. But did i start to buat duit? Nope. zero dollars. The problem is that I was thinking like a blogger. I wrote like a blogger. I design my blog like a write. That was the problem. I was not making any money at all.

Then I read an article online, and it really made sense. I have to think like an internet marketer in order to really make duit. Yes it's about the content of the blog or website, but you will have to write it for a purpose and not just like a writer. You aim is to sell something.

What has this got to do with this blog you might ask. Well, right now I write with a purpose, to help you with some SEO techniques. Well I won't give away all my secrets, but if you study how this blog is design you will understand. This blog at the moment is not rank at all due to a certain reasons. It has well over 10 post now, but that's not going to help it rank in the serps.

Although this blog is not about 3gp Melayu BolehMelayu Boleh or even awek Melayu Boleh, I am still determine to rank well for this key phrase.

In the past it has been abuse and some has claim that they would like to rank well on the serps to eliminate this "bad" blogs that associated Melayu Boleh keyword. Well, the very first blog on the google search page is still a bad blog.

Now, I ask myself this, why does this blog still remain on top. Does it have a lot of content? Nope. All it does is that it has a lot of pictures, movies, etc. What are the webmasters doing to make this blog rank so well? Or should we ask the question, what are we doing wrong that our blogs are not rank well?

I have seen some of the blogs that say their aim is to remove this bad blogs. I applaud your determination. However I guess you do include some advertisements as well on your blog so that you can make some money. I say why not? We as anak Melayu Boleh should work hard and get the extra cash however we can, don't you agree?

What is the future of this blog? Well I don't know at this moment. Right now it is not even on the 2,3 or 4 page of the search result and it really is pissing me off. Well, sometimes you just have to be patient and see what happens. Rome was not built in a day right? I have done all the necessary SEO techniques and let just see how things goes.

Sometimes you just have to work hard or harder then most people to get your blog ranking well. I am not gonna write extra ordinary articles as that is not the main way a blog will get rank on a good search. The key to a blog success is backlinks. Oh yes you read it right.

Sight, I think sometimes I might be writing too much that I tend to forget how many words I have in a post. I try to keep my post as short as possible and to the point about Melayu Boleh. It is not that I like to write long post, but hey sometimes you just have to read to find out what it's all about.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Melayu Boleh in the top 10 serps.

It has been a while since I have actually written something long. This might be a really long Melayu Boleh post or might be a short one. Normally when I begin writing, I do not have a specific number of words that I would like to have in each post.

Some of my friends actually asked me, what is the whole point of this blog. They ask me all I am actually writing are just garbage. Well, well, well, on the contrary my friends. If you actually read the previous post here it teaches you a lot of things such as SEO and the importance of backlinks. This is just not your usual blog that consist of techniques on SEO. I am actually applying the real principle of the techniques that I have learn in real life application. Right now the blog is no where to be found. Not even on the first page, second page, third, fourth, fifth and so on. Will it ever rank well in the serps, the honest answer is that I am not sure. But what I am sure of is that you will learn something about SEO if you continue to follow this blog. This blog is not just about the technical stuff that you read online. There are already thousands of blogs out there that already talks about SEO. But how many of them are willing to create a blog and show what the mean?

Well, I am no expert, but I am willing to share what I know. Although what I know is limited but the only way to really know whether these techniques actually work is to test it out yourself. Like I mention in my previous post, this blog, Melayu Boleh was missing from google. Well, it did not really vanish, but the sitemap was not found on google. I am sure you know how to check whether your blog has been index right? No? Just type site: and you should see G returning some value.

Just for your sake I took a picture of my Melayu Bolehmelayu_boleh
sitemap listings. As you can see it list out all of the previous post at all. All the post listed, means that it has been index by G. Well as mention previously this was missing, and now it showing again. I wonder if G was doing some PR updates on blogs.

Anyways, now that issue is resolve I can go back to write post on this blog. Now comes the interesting part. As you know there seem to be a huge amount of searches for this keyword, however when I check some of the blogs that are listed on the top 10, you will be surprise.

How do I know? Well some of the webmasters were kind enough to include a statistic link of their blog, and it looks like not many visitors actually visits the blog. I wondered why? Is it because these visitors know about the content and they are looking for something different? Or is there another reason.

Now for the major question, is it really even worth it to create this Melayu Boleh blog to demonstrate the concept of SEO? Well, at this moment in time, I might feel that it has been a waste of my time. But let's just see how I go. I don't give up easily.

How to be Melayu Boleh

All right, this is not so much on how to be Melayu Boleh but I just wanted to share something interesting about this blog.

In the past week or so, for some particular reason this blog just vanish from Google. Yes you got that right it vanish. How it vanish do not ask me. I was a shock and piss off at the same time as well. I have been updating this blog on a consistent basis and now this? All I can say is WTF.

Previously my site was index by G, and everything was great. All or at least, most of my post about Melayu Boleh bejaya were there in the blogs. However, one day I decided to check it out and , guess what it is no longer there. I wondered if there is such a thing called de-indexing.

I analyze what I was trying to do so that I would not repeat the same mistake. I think I tried to create backlinks to my blog too soon and for some reason it cause the problem. I think I should increase the posting to this blog in the mean time.

Sometimes it's really hard to write when there's no inspiration available to you. You write and you write, it could be the best article you have written or just junk. Nevertheless if you know how to twist and turn the facts, you could eventually end up with a post targeted for SEO.

As mention previously one of the reasons why this blog was created is to see how well I can rank on the term Melayu Boleh. As of this moment, it is not doing too well as I am no where to be found at all. I can stuff my post with too much keyword or I'll be screwed.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Melayu Boleh people

So you have thought about starting your own website about the greatness of Melayu Boleh as you have already done your keyword research and realize the importance of it. Everything in the web is determine by keywords which is one of the most vital part of every website or blog.
One of the best way to choose your keyword is to determine what is popular within your niche. If you chose the correct niche, your website might be able to be ranked high in the search engines. There are a lot of tools on the internet to help you select the correct keyword, however most of them require a fee. The alternative to buying these software is the Google Keyword generator which is free to use. However keep in mind that the figures shown are just estimates, but they do make a good guideline on showing the popularity of the words.

You should analyze your keyword from different aspects. If you are going to create articles about Melayu culture, then you should ensure that the words and keywords that you are using will actually attract more traffic to your blog or website.

If possible you should used a variation of different keywords that are also related to your blog post. For example if you blog is about Melayu BolehMelayu Boleh people you can actually write post about all the anak Melayu that are successful. That way the search engines will know what your blog is about and it will definitely help you rank better in the SERPS. The very best option is to use broad and longtail keywords.

Once again you can see the importance of choosing the right keyword from the very beginning. Choosing the wrong keyword will make you very frustrated as you might have to compete with other blog owners which have already establish they blog for the longest time. It won’t be easy to dethrone them from their ranking as they have build enough backlinks.

Therefore always keep in mind that if you want do well, always do some research. This is the concept of Melayu Boleh, spend some extra time planning your blog first before actually taking a dive without looking. Do it rightly and you will succeed, do it wrongly it will come back to bite you in the buttocks.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Melayu Boleh search success

Imagine yourself in the following situation, you have spent the last hour or so writing a well crafted piece of literature on Melayu Boleh. There is nothing else to do except to submit your article to your blog post or to article directories and hopefully when someone searches on the internet they will stumble on your blog.

Before we dwell into the above further, lets us do a simple test. Try searching for the above term into google and at the time when this article was written it returned 3,890,000 results. Therefore it is not an easy niche to rank on. Therefore can you imagine if you were to try to compete for the keyword credit card? If you are going to do that, I can honestly say, forget it. You will never ever come close to the top 10 spots as the people that rank in the top 10, has a huge amount of cast to get their backlinks, so don’t even bother. All right back to submitting your article again and I do apologize for getting side track.

It is a known fact that Google loves article directories. It is because this search engine knows that these type of directories will be updated with new contents daily. I have previously written and article on anak melayu boleh and it was published by the article directory. It did really well on the SERP at the beginning. So my advice is that if you do really have the time, I strongly advice you to submit as much articles as possible to get on the search engine good side.

Normally when you write articles, you are allowed to include 1 or 2 backlinks within the article. That way when someone reads your article, he or she will know that you blog is related to articles or post about Melayu. Most of the time, they will click on your link and guess what, you just got a visitor to your blog. Now can you imagine if 1000000 thousand people read your article daily? Just imagine the number of visitors you will get within a day.

Now here comes the tricky part about submitting your articles to directories. First of all, never ever submit the same article over and over again to different sites. You readers might not know but trust me, the big G knows. And when Google discover duplicated articles, it will place a lower priority on those duplicated articles. That is why sometimes writing unique content can be very time consuming and most newbies hate doing it. I myself dislike writing articles, but I do not really have a choice. The search engine spiders love new contents.

The good news is that there is a simple solution to this problem. Since you already have the main idea on your article, you just need to rewrite it. Make a few structure changes here and there and sooner or later you will have a new article. However the main message of the post is the same. It takes a lot of practice and over time you will find re writing articles second nature.

Writing about Melayu Boleh has been a great experience and experiment for me at the same time. It is still a challenge for me, but it is a task worth trying for as success comes to those that work hard.

Melayu Boleh strength and determination

So far we have been talking about Melayu Boleh and what not. Everyone has the equal opportunity to be a successful. In the end it is all up to you whether you want to work hard and smart.

I am sure that over the course of your life or during your time surfing the internet you might have came across a couple of very successful entrepreneurs. The started early and the made the big bucks. I am sure you have came across the name John Chow. He is one of the most successful internet money maker of all time. I love his motto that is written on his blog. I make money by teaching people to make money online. Isn’t that a wonderful job? I wish I could do the same.

Some of you might be wondering, whether in Malaysia we have such person as well. I mean Malaysia has the population of 27 million people, I am sure at least someone can be the next JC. Well, fear not we do in fact have anak melayu boleh by the name of Dr. Irfan Khairi.anak melayu boleh His name is synonymous with internet online business. He is one of the few people that became a ringgit millionaire at the age of 25 while still in school. However, as you know success does not come easy. It took him a while to finally achieve his dream.

This internet sensation guru has actually written many ebook that can be purchase on his website. It is said that his book is a must read for newbies or experts, if you are interested in venturing in making money on the internet. In addition to that he does organize workshops locally, but unfortunately I do not have the cash to pay for his workshops. I guess I will have to just figure out the formula of my success the hard way.

What is amazing about Dr. Irfan Khari success is that an ordinary, well it not so ordinary now, can become a self-made Melayu millionaire in just a short period of time. All he did was sell items on Ebay and watch the money grow. Of course he encountered failures or challenges, but he manages to overcome all hardship and success.

There is no short cut in life. If you want to be rich, you will have to work hard in the long run and from the looks of it, it’s all worth it. It can be seen that success will come to those that dare to take risk. If you fall down, pick yourself up. That’s how we learn and how we overcome the hardship in life.

Most internet millionaire has their fair share of failures. This is what makes them smarter each time. So try to learn from their mistake and who knows your could be the next one. I am sure that if we have the audacity and strength of Melayu Boleh we will achieve our dream and one day retire a rich man or woman.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Melayu boleh concept of success

I think some of you must be wondering what the term Melayu Boleh represents in the internet world. There are many blogs out they that have used this particular niche for many reasons which we will examine in this article.

Everyone knows that the key success to any blog is traffic. Yes you have read it right, it is traffic. Let’s consider your blog as a business which you have a shop lot at a residential area. Although you shop might have all the items that is required by the residential area, but you are not getting any business at all. The source of the problem, no one knows that your shop exist.

This applies for blogs as well. You might write excellent articles or post, but what is the point if on ones knows about it? Your blog will be just a waste of your time, unless of course your blog is just a diary and meant to be read by yourself only. However if you were trying to write about all the fantastic achievements by anak melayu, and there is no one to read the articles, it is basically useless.

Can you imagine if a blog master is trying to make money of his blog and there is no one visiting it? How could he even make money using PPC or selling affiliated products? Well, to be honest, I was in a similar situation. I wondered what was wrong. I could not get any sales, let alone getting more than 100 people to visit my blog daily. I was really frustrated and tried many methods to drive traffic to my blog. I am a bit embarrassed to tell you this, but I did fall prey to those ebooks that promise you 1000 unique traffic daily to your blog.

I have tried all of those methods but none seem to work. The authors of those books actually got richer from people like me. I am not sure if you realize, everyone seems to jump into the bandwagon of writing ebooks. It’s easy and it is profitable. However for me, I am just too lazy to write one.

Basically there are many sources of traffic and one of them is organic traffic. Let me just say this out front that organic traffic wins over all other methods hands down. Why do you think that there are so many melayu blogs out there? Everyone is fighting to appear in google top 10 search result. Once you appear in the top 10 of the SERPS, that is when you can think about monetizing it. If you can’t even reach the first or second page of the search engine, don’t even bother to put up advertisement as you do not get enough readers to your blog.

And then of course there are social traffic. Honestly this type of traffic does not work for me, unless you already have a well establish website that is constantly being updated with unique news contents that can not be found anywhere else. That way you might get a lot of curious readers if you submit your blog post to DIGG or Propeller.

All in all I am quite eager to see how this blog grow. Finally yesterday the blog got index and I can continue to write more about all the success with the Melayu Boleh concept in mind. It will be interesting to see where this blog will be in the next couple of weeks.

Anak Melayu Boleh incoming links

We all know that there are different ways out there that are guidelines for webmaster to follow in order to get a higher rank for Melayu Boleh in the search engines. Some of these methods for increasing the ranking does come with a fee and is not cheap. In addition to that it does take some time for it to succeed.

At this moment in time the internet is filling with SEO, affiliate marketing, ways that can help you increase knowledge. Most of them, if not all, use the same technique over and over again. Some are just plain hard to follow and therefore ultimately these ebooks end up in the trash bin. Guess what in addition to that , you have wasted valuable money and time just by reading this stupid books, and your blog or website rank remains the same.

One of the best way in getting a higher ranking is to have quality unique Melayu content and of course incoming links to your blog. One of the reasons why search engines love blogs so much is that it loves new unique content. The more quality articles or post that you write, the more the search engine will favor you.

This is where the challengers lie for most affiliate marketing websites. The website most of the time will consist of static information, and therefore most of the time will not offer any new content to the readers. It is difficult but still possible to rank well on the SERPS. It’s all about cost versus profit. Most of these website owners will spend a great deal on link building.

Once you have decided on a niche, that is really new, then you will not have a problem writing unique content for your blog or website. Take example of my Melayu Boleh which is used by many search engines. There is not much articles out there about this subject but yet a ton of searches everyday. Therefore if I were to write unique content daily for this subject, I might just be able to rank well on the search engines.

Most people do not know that if you are able to write quality contents daily you basically have won the SEO battle. As for this blog I make it a point to update it at least once a day to the benefits of anak melayu boleh. Basically by writing, you have actually won half of the SEO battle.

Everyone one knows that incoming links for high PR websites are much more precious compared to links from lower PR websites. It is pointless to have low quality backlinks even if you have to pay for them. These are where the scammers make money. They promise you 10,000 of links, but your ranking will not improve as these links are of low quality.

If you manage to get a high quality back link it will definitely give you the advantage over the other person’s blog with the same niche. It will help to increase your page rank and the reputation of your blog. Some websites have very little links and outrank websites that have 3000 over links. The reason is that because the blog with very little links have gotten their incoming links from an extremely trust-worth source.

Therefore there is a really simple solution to all Melayu Boleh out there. Write often and consistently and most importantly, get those links coming into your blog, that way you are surely going to secure yourself well on search pages.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Melayu Boleh ranking

There is no doubt that ranking my Melayu Boleh blog consist of many different aspects of SEO. One of the most important ingredients to this success is generating as many as possible quality backlinks. The process of generating backlinks sometimes can be quite time consuming. However if done right it will definitely propel your blog to stardom.

Previously the oldest method to create reciprocal link is through link exchange. However that method can be time consuming and waste a lot of time. Here are some methods that might work for you and best of all they are free.

1) Forums

Forum is a good deal to promote your blog as they have a high authority in the eyes of search engines. For example I have recently join one of a very popular forum that is target to one of my keyword. At the bottom of my every post I have included Melayu Boleh as part of my signature indication that my blog is about Melayu. Those way curious readers might even visit my blog when they come across my link.

2) Commenting on Blogs

This is one of the simplest ways to get links to your blog. Try visiting a couple of high ranking niche blogs and leave your comments. However, no one likes spam. Genuinely leave a proper comment or your thoughts about the post. That way the author of the blog will appreciate your comments and might even visit your blog.

3) Social Bookmarks

In the recent years, social bookmarks has been growing like mushrooms after a heavy downpour. There are just so many out there, like Digg, Reddit, Propeller just to name a few. This websites offer quality links coming in to your blog furthermore it exposes your articles do million of million of internet users out there. The result of this exposure is of course traffic to your blog.

4) Article Submission

It is common practice that many marketers will use article marketing as one of the method to sell affiliate products. Some of them actually do make a killer out of article submission plus it actually help your blog to rank well in the SERPs. In most normal article submission websites, the author is allowed to provide 3 back links in one submission. These articles could be about melayu boleh berjaya which means success to melayu or could be about affiliate marketing. You basically can write about any subject under the sun.

5) Reciprocal link

Getting reciprocal link is a good way of getting backlinks to you blog. However the only downside to this method is that it can be really time consuming. The reason is that both parties have to agree before hand that each would add the link to their respective blogs. However, sometimes to owner of the other blog could be busy and therefore might not add the link immediately. All this requires time, so sometimes most people disregard this method completely.

Building my Melayu Boleh blog has been one of a many project that I use to refine my techniques in SEO. Although there are software out there that might help me, I rather do it the old fashion way.