Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Information on Melayu Boleh

It is a surprise for me. Information on Melayu Boleh has risen through the search engines like a storm. It is unbelievable what can be achieve if you know what to do and with a little hard work and persistence, eventually things will start taking shape.

Well, let me just say that I did not have high hopes for this blog at all. All of the information here are useful, but really, how many people actually bother to read the contents? They are more interested in surfing for pictures that are related to Awek Melayu Boleh instead of the true meaning of the word.

I notice that some of the top 10 blogs ranking on this niche, are providing advertisement such as Google Adsense or selling some affiliated products. I wonder how many people will actually click on this advertisement or buy a product. Through my experience none. Why you might ask? Well it is simple. The items you are selling does not target your readers. The readers are looking for gambar melayu boleh but instead you telling them about the wonders of Melayu Boleh.melayu boleh

No wonder your readers are not clicking on your advertisement or bother to buy you affiliated product. I mean thinking that your website has certain "pictures" but instead it only consist of words, they are piss. I would be too. It's basically like asking for a plate of nasi lemak but instead your are served with roti canai. Get my point?

So how do one expect to make money with a blog then? Well, to be honest, this blog isn't going to make any money at all. I will not see a single cent and I am sure of that. I could put a google adsense here and not have a click, because my readers don't really care on what is displayed here. They are interested in pictures and only pictures.

So how do you actually solve this dillema? Well you can't. And honestly I never really intended to make money with this blog. I just wanted to practice my SEO skills ( or what little I have) and see what works and does not. The only way i think is trough experiment. There is no easy way. Those people that create blogs about making money and so on, are basically just recycling material that you find over the internet. I have to admit I do have this buat duit online blog. I tell people to get traffic, do SEO, blah blah blah, but did the blog really make any money? Not a single cent.

Well, so how will this Melayu Boleh blog and information help you? In some ways it will and not. If you look, there are simple techniques of SEO incorporated through the contents of this blog. If you really study it, you will surely spot it. I am not going to tell you to use your keyword in your title of your post and so on. Go read it at someone else blog. It has been repeated over and over again.

I think that sometimes people then to confuse blogging and making money online. A good blogger does not mean you can make money online. A Melayu Boleh website is not going to buat duit online for you. It will never will.

Start thinking like an internet marketer. Yes. If you want to start seeing duit, then be one. Don't be a fool like what I did, creating a stupid blog that need constant tender loving care. I had to write quality contents on the blog so people will read it. Then on the contents I slap an Adsense advert and prayed that someone will click it. And you guess it right, no one bother to click it. I was thinking more like a blogger instead of an internet marketer.

No doubt a good blogger will make a good internet marketer, as long as you understand the concept. That's all to it. I guess it quite a lot of Melayu Boleh strength and determination tips that I have given out, so just enjoy.